Vision and Mission

SeaJUG Vision

To be the community home for Java Developers in the Seattle / Suburbs area.


Become the supporting structure for Java and JVM Engineers, allowing them to grow in their career.

What does it mean?

Bring Interesting Technical Talks

We want to make each and every Meetup to be enriching. Our members are important, and by attending our Meetups we want them to feel their time is well invested. To do so we want to bring the best content we can for them, and for them to be able to “go home” and use the knowledge they just acquired.

Create a Community of Trust

We want our members to be comfortable in our Meetup and look at these meetings at a place to being able to enjoy themselves and geek out. To that sense, we commit SeaJUG to be a place on which Diversity and Inclusion plays an important role in the organization.

Collaborate with the Job marketplace in Seattle

An important part of the community is to allow members to find their next career opportunity. We would want to do so in a way that’s enriching for our members and valuable for recruiters.

Create the next crop of speakers and luminaries

We want Seattle to be known as a place where we nurture new good speakers. To that effect, SeaJUG wants to encourage and nurture a new generation of speakers. With that in mind, SeaJUG should create activities and opportunities to let new speakers (or potentially new speakers) stretch their wings in a comfortable setting.