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Macro-Optimizing Spring Applications

2024-07-16 18:00 @ VMware Bellevue – 500 108th Ave NE, Bellevue
23 attending

"We should forget about small efficiencies, say about 97% of the time: premature optimization is the root of all evil." – Sir Tony Hoare

Spending time and effort micro-optimizing your code will have little impact on the application and is often not worth your while.
But what about the big issues? Crippling bottlenecks, missed caching opportunities, inefficient threading strategies, or even architectural mistakes preventing your app from scaling?

Identifying big inefficiencies can be deceptively difficult, it requires analyzing not just performance metrics but also usage patterns. It involves, manual and tedious work cleaning up data, detecting anomalies, finding a correlation between different parameters such as concurrency, resource usage, and duration, and factoring in proportionality. The good news is that with the right set of OSS tools and technologies, we can automate these processes to keep us focused on the macro-level optimizations and take big swings at making our application scalable.
In this session, we'll look into specific examples:

* What data can we collect for 'free'
* How do we measure performance impact?
* When and how to cache?
* How to automate our checks to avoid regressions

Today's observability tools make it very easy to whip up fancy dashboards. Unfortunately, these visualizations do little to provide continuous feedback, and often simply serve as a source of 'excavation' data to RCA why something bad happened **after it had already occurred**. The goal of this session is to present an alternative, proactive approach, that would allow developers to use data that is currently just lying in wait in an APM somewhere and make improvements where it really counts to ensure the application can meet its scaling needs.

**Speaker: Roni Dover**
A developer and a builder for the past 25 years, afflicted by an acute Product Manager/Developer split personality disorder that was never treated.
In recent years, writing and talking about inefficiencies and blindspots, as well as ranting about design/architecture topics.
A big believer in evidence-based development and a proponent of Continuous Feedback in all aspects of Software Engineering.

Over the years, had the privilege of participating in the development of two amazing infrastructure automation platforms: CloudShell and Toque. Currently, CTO and co-founder of Digma ([](, an IDE plugin for automating issue detection in observability data.


* On the street (smaller streets like 2nd pl/st): parking is free after 6PM
* Bellevue Square: parking lot is free and it ***should be*** ok for a few hours
* Bravern Towers ***should*** validate for up to six hours if you grab a drink (entrances are from 8th or 112th)
* Griffin Lot (especially for larger vehicles): ***should be*** $7 after 5PM
* The building has a parking garage (2hrs: $14, 3hrs: $15, 4hrs: $16, gates close at 10pm)


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