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18:00 Networking, food, and drinks
18:30 Presentation
20:00 Beers!

Discover Secure RSocket Microservices with Spring Boot!

2022-07-11 18:00 @ – ,
17 attending

Service Discovery, and Security are foundational elements of any microservices Architecture. Join us in a code walkthrough that distinguishes RSocket Controllers, Clients, and the security implementation that makes the application aware of who is calling, and what the caller is capable of. We will explore packaging it into a container using the spring-boot-maven-plugin, and deploying to a Dockerized target system on Azure.

**The Speaker: Mario Gray**
Mario is a principal technologist at VMware with more than 20 years of experience in software development and software architecture. He is co-author of Pro Spring Integration (Apress, 2011). He’s helped organizations large and small build service-based architectures in a number of different runtimes and platforms over the decades, but adopting Spring in 2004, and using it whenever possible since, was a no-brainer that culminated in joining the Spring team in 2017. As a Spring developer advocate, Mario loves to engage and inspire developers and businesses in the VMware ecosystem.

Amazon Blackfoot Building:[masked]th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101
Directly across from the Federal Courthouse Building in the Denny Triangle. The conference room is on the **10th floor**. You will **need to have your ID** when you check in and please don't forget proof of vaccination and your mask.

The building does have parking, the rates are typical of Seattle Parking Garages. The parking garage gates will be closed by the time the Meetup ends, and will open as people pay on their way out.

**Food/Drinks:** yes! 🙂

**Zoom:** [](


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